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It was about 3 decades ago, in 1972, that the organization was established. This ambitious enterprise paved its way; relying only on innovative creations, hard work and 'always-a-step-ahead' service. As our productive years went by, valuable experience was amassed. We utilized it as an attempt to increase our expertise in a cumulative fashion and to become one of the best in the world with a strong foothold. An excellent entrepreneurship lead us and we are probably ruling the roost.

Corporate Vision
To be the Global market share leader in the markets that we serve. This leadership position will be earned through our strong commitment to customer satisfaction.

Corporate Mission
To honorably serve the needs of the community by providing products for education, creativity and communication. We shall ensure effectively priced, innovative and excellent quality products, to do this so as to achieve growth for the company and its stakeholders.

Corporate Philosophy
The Company shall engage itself in ethical businesses which provide environmentally responsible products to its consumers.
It shall always adhere to its commitments and conduct fair dealings with all its stakeholders.

Corporate Values
The Company shall provide to its distributors and end consumers world - Class quality, innovative and cost - effective products, it will add values to these products by providing excellent customer service thereby gaining customer loyalty.

Group Activities

At present, RABBIT Stationery Pvt. Ltd. is a part of the Mutha Group of companies that has diversified into Departmental stores, Machinery Manufacturing, Finance, Furnishing and Linens.

Product Standards
These products are made out of high grade raw materials. Complete care is taken to create an international standard product. Hence, we make them non-toxic, environmental friendly, conform to the EN-71(3) norms and bear the CE mark. The packing material used for these products is recyclable, mostly limited to the purpose of protection and carries the EAN-13 bar coding.

Product Range

  • Crayons: Regular Crayons
  • Water Colours: Tempera Colours
  • Sharpeners
  • Pencils: Regular Pencils, Extra Black Pencils, Colour Pencils
  • Erasers: Power Erasers, Dust-Free Erasers, Fancy Erasers
  • Ball Pens: Direct Fill Ball Pens
  • Drawing Instruments (Accessories): Plastic Scales, Mathematical Instruments
  • Sketch Pens (Water Colour Pens): Assorted Colours, Single Colours
  • Adhesives: Liquid glue, Instant Adhesive

We manufacture high quality stationery products in four fully equipped, modern production units at Pune, India. We have successfully built our capacity to cater to an astounding section of the international market.

Maintaining our uncompromising attitude in the production procedure is even followed while setting up an efficient post-production procedure. To that end, we actively market our products through a strong network of 1500 distributors spread across the Indian sub-continent. We want every single person, geographical boundaries notwithstanding, to make use of our quality products. Hence, we have employed a huge army of field-sales personnel having flawless methodologies.

Our products are exported to distributors and importers in various countries like USA, Brazil, Sri Lanka, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Iran, South Africa, Nepal, Sierra Leone etc.

Quality Policy
We at RABBIT STATIONERY PVT. LTD. are committed to fulfilling consumer requirements by focussing on them throughout the process activities. While doing so we shall ensure.
  • Our products are as per the requirements.
  • Continual improvement of all stages in operations

We are committed to comply with the requirements of the ISO 9001:2000 international standard and improving our services and processes continually.

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